Tuesday, January 27, 2009

TRUE ECONOMICS - Third of five.


The Declaration of Independence of the United States asserts: “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal….”. Equal in what ways? Our understanding of the word equal has expanded since these words were written. We now understand that it means that slavery is not acceptable. We understand that equal includes women and all races, creeds and colors.

Perhaps it is time to accept that ALL human beings have equal VALUE. Perhaps it is time to accept that all human beings have equal value in all ways and in every aspect of life. This means that every human being has equal claim to all the resources and the highest quality of life support available on the planet. This is the way that Nature has set up the world. Oxygen for breathing, sunlight for energy, warmth and light, water for refreshment and for cleansing and plants that grow in the same way and produce food for everyone equally is the normal and natural way. Education is one way that we actually, already demonstrate the equal value of everyone. We give everyone, equally an education to minimum, and equal standards. AND, we have found that this is so valuable to society as a whole, that we not only give it we also require that everyone receive a specific amount of it.

Some will say that “competition” and “survival of the fittest” are inherent attributes that make this idea of equality impossible. Actually, simply redirecting these tendencies will work quite well. Lets compete with previous generations and with the “me” and the “us” of yesterday to see how much better “I” and “we” can be and produce TODAY. Can’t we see that when we don’t value others that they don’t like it and that they eventually make trouble, sometimes big trouble, terrifying trouble?

If the Universe, as vast as it is, has seen fit to have you exist, you must be valid, you must have value. Whether I see it or not, you must have value. Whether you see it or not, you must have value. The same must be true about me.

It is common to think that the bigger the group, the less I matter. That is one way of looking at it. The other way, that the bigger the group the more people I interact with and the more influence I have is far more satisfying and expresses self-respect. I matter, I make a difference, I am important, and so do You matter, so do You make a difference, so are You important. Buckminster Fuller and Mother Theresa both said it, one way or another, and lived it. Are we?

It’s very stimulating to relate to each other as winners and losers (the ecstasy of victory, the agony of defeat). There is another experience available to everyone and that is the profoundly fulfilling experience one has when genuinely caring for ALL one’s brothers and sisters. It is the experience of what it is to truly be a Humane Being.

Millions among us are intuitively recognizing the value of each and all, and the great benefits that then result to each and all. This is both a call to fully accept and implement the idea, and an acknowledgement that this is what is happening all over the world. The sooner the better.

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