Tuesday, January 27, 2009

TRUE ECONOMICS - Fourth of five.


There is now enough interaction among people on board the planet that the fact of our interdependence and our impact on one another is obvious. We trade more products and have more peoples and cultures involved in the process. We see happenings from most everywhere on television. We experience other people and places firsthand through increased travel. Improvements in life support and life quality spread more rapidly than ever before.

The current multiple crises occurring all around our world, like climate change, financial breakdowns and corruption, food and water shortages and military buildups and their inevitable wars have consequences for all of us, also. Who among us is immune to pandemics, rising sea levels, polluted air, contaminated food or restricted freedom of movement because of security threats?

Bucky Fuller’s commitment was to developing an economic management system in which every human was better off, every human would have a higher standard of living. How could millionaires and billionaires have a higher standard of living? How about the freedom of reduced security for home, autos, businesses and loved ones? If I have all that I need, why would I even consider taking something from you or kidnapping your children and holding them for ransom?

Key to resolving all of these problems quickly and with great benefit for EVERYONE is to recognize that we are a single human family. We are a single species. We live on a relatively small planet. There is only one team. “All for one and one for all” is how teams achieve greatness. Every person has a different role and every role is important.

Why should I work for the benefit of everyone? Because when I do I have 6 ½ billion people on my team. All of you may not know it or accept it, but it’s a whole lot easier to relate with you when I know it and act accordingly. (Talk about stress relief!) Then I don’t have to placate, avoid or fight with you while I am going around caring only about my interests. I’m on your side!

It is said by some that greed and hunger for power are part of human nature, and that we will never be able to fully work together. That may or may not be accurate and is beside the point. What we have now are economic management systems (money, finance) that encourage greed and have power and control being exercised by a relative few. We are certainly capable of designing better economic management systems, in fact we have to because the financial systems are failing NOW. We may even surprise ourselves with how good we can make it and how wonderfully we can get along with each other. From cave dwelling to space traveling to democracy and human rights, that’s what we’ve been doing, one innovation after another.

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