Tuesday, January 27, 2009

TRUE ECONOMICS - First of five.


The belief in either scarcity or abundance determines how financial, legal, political and military systems are set up or even exist at all. Scarcity and Abundance are foundational/contextual ideas. They each give rise to a distinct system of thought and a number of rules, characteristics and measures which only make sense within their own system. Only one of them can be the condition in which we exist. All current systems are based on the premise that the condition is scarcity. There is not enough for everyone, therefore I am going to earn a living for myself and my family. I am going to be loyal to my country and my country’s allies. The rest of you are on your own.

Looking at the pre-existing condition, before human beings lift a finger, we can see that nature (the universe) is extraordinarily abundant. In “Critical Path”, Buckminster Fuller states: ”The quantity of physical, cosmic energy wealth as radiation (sunlight) arriving aboard planet Earth each minute is greater than all the energy used annually by all humanity”. Oxygen for breathing has been available without effort for all human history. Plants produce plenty of seeds to expand their numbers. Human beings then observe and develop the technology of nature to produce more of certain desired results.

Right around the year 1900, there were 2 or 300 people who were the richest, most powerful people on the planet: kings, queens and heads of international businesses. Not one of them could: flip a switch to get clean, safe light; travel 3, 4, 500 miles in a single day in a vehicle sitting at their residence; speak instantaneously with their top generals and governors; fly to a place where they wanted to vacation; see events happening live in other parts of the world; process data rapidly; access large amounts of all the information known to man, from their desktop. Only 108 years later, electricity, cars, phones, airplanes, televisions, computers and the internet are everyday features to a growing portion of humanity.

As Bucky Fuller pointed out, know-how, the ability to do more with less, made this possible and in a shorter and shorter period of time for each successive item. The rate of growth of know-how is much greater than population growth. That is why the average standard of living for human beings keeps on increasing.

Since at least the 1950’s studies have been done that have compared the number of people on the planet with the amount of food produced. All of these studies have shown that we produce enough food to feed every single one of us. In the U.S. there is the Pez Museum, the Museum of Spam, the Barbed Wire Museum, the Museum of Trash and a registry where one can name a star after someone as a gift. A group of people in The Netherlands spent 8 weeks setting up 4.3 million dominos in order to break 8 world records when knocking them down. If all of these exist, then clearly the Condition is Abundance.

Applying the rules of scarcity in a condition of abundance actually causes scarcity for many people in the midst of abundance for others and undesirable side effects for everyone like pollution of the air, land and seas. There are lots of no longer financially viable, partially processed materials, that we ignorantly call trash, and then bury in landfills. Population has grown to the point where these merely undesirable side effects are now catastrophic side effects. The recognition of the True Condition (ABUNDANCE) will ease the task of making changes that will continue to result in increasing our standard of living.

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