Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Thank you for running and Congratulations on your election! As you stated in your acceptance speech, it is “our” victory. “Our” includes people around the world who supported your campaign with their interest, their enthusiasm and their money, if not their vote. One of those people called you a “president for the world”. No country and no leader in history has had the support of so many people spread around the world. What an opportunity! The question is: For what?

Foreign policy changes were an important and welcome part of your proposals. You have already articulated your intent to get out of Iraq, shift from oil to sustainable energy and practice diplomacy and engagement with friend and foe. All of these are important to “we the people”.

There has been talk that, for many issues, we need to “think big” and we need a “game changer”. The founding of the United States itself was such an event and opened up new possibilities for all of humanity. What new possibility is available to us today?

What if you make “the End of Hunger and Starvation Everywhere in the World” a cornerstone of US foreign policy? It is an opportunity. It is a new possibility for U.S. leadership and full international cooperation. And it is mandatory that this happen in order to have a truly safe and prosperous world community.

Buckminster Fuller’s research proved that we have the food and the capacity to deliver it. In 1977 The Hunger Project was founded, to end hunger and starvation on earth by 1997.
It said that the only thing missing was the political will.

The United States has accomplished mankind’s greatest technical challenge, that of sending humans to the moon and back, safely. Feeding everyone is not much of a technical challenge. What this requires is that we reach into our selves and stand for the highest ideal of what it is to be human, just as our founders did. Are we up to it yet? Will you be the President that declares: “No more hunger and starvation, anywhere in the world.”? If not to us, if not to you, then to whom shall we look?

If you agree, copy this, sign it yourself, tell others & send to: http://my.barackobama.com/page/s/mypolicy

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Nina said...

A lot of people are wishing they hadn't marked that circle next to the name "Barack Obama" on their ballots. I did my research prior to the election, saw the groups he had been part of, saw who funded him and knew he was just another puppet for the system (banking, military industrial complex, corporate fascism, etc).